Hiroshima Osorakan Trail Race

Hiroshima Osorakan Trail Race

  • Date and Start TimeMay 16-17, 2020
    65KM: 5:00AM
    22KM: 9:00AM
  • CategoryTrail Run 65KM, 22KM
  • Start LocationOsorakan Snow Park and Family Square
  • IncludedEnglish Registration, English Athlete Guide, English Email/Phone Support, Event Insurance, and Post-Race Follow-up (link to results, photos)


About the Event

The Hiroshima Osorakan Trail Race is a challenging course requiring runners to traverse the highest peaks of both Hiroshima and Shimane Prefectures. Intermediate to advanced athletes will find this race suitably difficult as they climb the equivalent of sea level to the summit of Mt. Fuji. Line up with some of the nation’s hardiest trail runners and see where you stand!

Starting and finishing at the Osorakan Snow Park, the 65KM course involves completion of A Loop (27KM), B Loop (27.5KM), and C Loop (10KM) with a total ascent of almost 3,900 meters (about 12,800 feet). All three loops are an out and back with the base being Osorakan Snow Park. The 22KM course is separate from the 65KM course but also starts and ends at Osorakan Snow Park.

There is also an 80KM (50 miles) course at this year’s event. However, this course is limited to runners who have previously completed the 65KM course in under 12 hours – a feat our international athletes were unable to complete in past editions of the Hiroshima Osorakan Trail Race. Hence, Samurai Sports do not offer the 80KM option.

65KM Course | ITRA 3 | +4,230m
A Loop: Osorakan Snow Park – Mt. Hijiri – Mt. Takadake – Lake Hijiri – Tashirogawa River – Osorakan Snow Park
First half features easygoing trails and forestry construction roads. Second half will be more technical with hazardous spots and streams to cross, advanced mountaineering skills are recommended. The breathtaking view of the Osorakan Trails from Mt. Takadake will be worth the struggle!

B Loop: Osorakan Snow Park – Mt. Osoraka – Mt Jippou-Nasu – Uchigoru Pass – Osorakan Snow Park
Longest loop and with the biggest accumulated elevation difference. You will feel fatigued and encounter difficulty maintaining your pace on this highly mountainous course. An 800m section at the top of Mt. Osorakan is a walking zone. Daikoro-Hara (Kitchen Field) located in the beech forests on Mt. Osorakan and the Sky Trail on Mt. Jippou will provide momentary relief through the strenuous course.

C Loop: Osorakan Snow Park – Yokokawa River – Mt. Toishigou – Osorakan Snow Park
Though short, the steep uphill climbs in C Loop will be tough on the legs. Mt. Toishigou looms as the last challenge – those successfully finishing within the time limit will be awarded emotionally and granted bragging rights.

22KM Course | +1,248m
Runners will start the first 2.5KM on road before entering the trails at Yokogawa towards Yobiya Pass. After Yobiya Pass, you’ll return towards Osorakan Snow Park to encounter your first aid station at the 8.5KM mark. On this stretch, the trail is narrow and runners will find their speed decreasing as the terrain becomes more formidable. Additionally, you will climb about 300m to reach Osorakan Snow Park.

Head due west towards Natsu Yake Pass before arriving at Mt. Osorakan at around the 14KM mark. You will climb about 350m to reach Mt. Osorakan but will also encounter 2KM of relatively flat gravel – don’t forget to enjoy the views on this section. One portion is walking only – and you will walk for approximately 10 minutes so bringing an additional layer and/or wearing wicking fabrics is important. Once you’ve cleared the walking section, you can pick up the speed.
Continue to the water station at 17.7KM, at which point the terrain will switch to less trail, more gravel. After the water station is a 2KM downhill – proceed with caution. One final climb (about 1.7KM) on the road before hitting the ski slopes, which will be your glory road leading to the finish line.

・The area is remote and both public transportation and lodging options are limited. If you can car pool or drive your own vehicle/rental car, you should. This year, interested participants may also include add-on options for local accommodation and transportation, or accommodation only.
・This race is not beginner-friendly – please be a responsible athlete and only register if you feel confident about your abilities, the distance, and race logistics (including before and after the race).

・65KM = about 40 miles
・22KM = about 13.6 miles

・Stay updated via Facebook (event page link coming soon)
・Read Mallory's race report from the 2018 Hiroshima Osorakan Trail Race. (Note: Samurai Sports was not involved with this race in 2018)
・View Javier's Relive video from the 2019 Hiroshima Osorakan Trail Race

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